The Selkirk Community Arts Centre
The Art Works of the Gwen Fox Gallery members


People's Choice Awards are chosen by members of the public who visit the Gwen Fox Gallery during members' exhibitions. Ballots are available at the table beside the main doors. Exhibitions change monthly.

*People's Choice winning art is featured in Gwen Fox Gallery annual wall calendars, available for purchase at the gallery.




February 2023 - Patti Symko, "Utopia No. 10"

March 2023 - Diana Horczy, "Waves"

April 2023 - Wanda Slawik, "Ready to go Fishing"

May 2023 - Sharon Routley, "Kildonan Park"

June 2023 - Ida McKenzie, "Out Anola Way"

July 2023 - Christine MacMaster, "Taking Flight"

August 2023 - Judith Panson, "Oriental Poppies"

September 2023 - Dennis Bell, "Mexican Hatter"

October 2023 - Michele Campbell, "Message in a Bottle"

November 2023 - Judy Sutton, "Horsing Around"





Shelley Eros, "The Foundation"

Patricia Johnson, "A Touch of Klimt"

George Tanner, "Northern Light Show"

Elizabeth Crozier, "Rio"

Jo Smoley, "Fresh Cut Flowers"

Cheryl Crane, "Father"

Bob Davis, "West On 67"

Brenda Hedberg, "Where Earth Meets Sky"

Judy Sutton, "Whoa Diablo"

Craig Eros, "Whitetail Sunset"

Garth Palanuk, "Northern Sky"

Gracie Kars Plouffe, "Holiday Alley