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Workshops and Events Booking

Use the links below to book a Workshop or Event at the gallery.

The first document is the "Procedures & Forms" document which describes the steps to hold an Event or Workshop at the gallery.

The second document is the "Facility Use Request" document which asks you to describe the Event or Workshop in detail.

The third document is the "Facility Use Agreement" which describes the Terms and Conditions associated to the Event or Workshop. Please read carefully before signing and dating.

The fourth document is the "Program Report Form" which asks you to describe the outcome of the Event or Workshop.

This form is very important as its contents are used in our application for Grants.

The fifth and final document is the "Events and Workshop Payment Form" which contains payment details for those events or workshops that require fee payment back to the gallery. 


Completed documents should be dropped off or mailed to:

c/o Events & Workshops Coordinator

Gwen Fox Gallery, 101-250 Manitoba Avenue

Selkirk, MB, R1A 0Y5

*Cheques are payable to Selkirk Community Arts Centre*


Thank You!